On the odd occasion I like to take a break from drawing pictures. During these times I like to replace my slippers for wellington boots, shake off the old poncho, pack a four day supply of cheese sandwiches and head to the many super, independent festivals of the UK.


Sometimes I play music, sometimes I climb trees and hang bits of painted wood in them and sometimes I enjoy nothing more than leading creative workshops designed to bring out the artist in everyone. I have worked/created/played with teeny weenies to those in their nineties, it’s an open doors policy at the house of Earl.

Below are a few pics of my various festival activities, if you’d like to hear more about the in’s and out’s of it all, or maybe you run a festival and are after some additional creative input, then do get in touch, be super to hear from you.

©2020, The Grey Earl and all artwork is the copyright of Jon Bishop, The Grey Earl.

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