​Hello there,


I'm The Grey Earl and a very warm welcome to you and to my site.

From illustrations of elephants rowing boats and ice cream van adventures, to musical and theatrical endeavours, it's all go at Grey Earl HQ.


I work from my little studio in the sunny town of Callander in Scotland, fuelled by coffee, tea and the occasional bourbon biscuit (essential for maintaining my reknowned high energy levels).


Aswell as illustration, I also create visuals and music for Scottish children's theatre company, The Letter J.

So put your feet up, pour yourself a brew and if you like, have a browse through my creative works. 

You can stay up to date with all things Grey Early, through the usual social media outlets and fill your boots with all manner of gifts, greeting cards and merch through the online shop and etsy (links above). 

...Righto, thats the kettle boiled, best get back to the paint and pencils. 

©2019, The Grey Earl and all artwork is the copyright of Jon Bishop, The Grey Earl.

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